The Benefits of Stacking Supplements

The Best Muscle Building Stack – Learn What Products Are Best For Bulking and Cutting

Stacking will involve the use of 4 or more pills taken at different times of day, or at specific schedules. If you want to create the best muscle building stack, you will first need to determine your primary fitness goals.

Basic supplements include multivitamins, whey protein, creatine, fish oil, and beta alanine. More specific goal-oriented supplements include weight gainers, testosterone, pre-workout booster, and all around hypertrophic aromatase inhibitor. Combining any of these with legal steroids are guaranteed to improve your results.

Why is it important to stack supplements?

There are many ways to gain muscle and/or lose fat. The best way to achieve them is to combine supplements that can help you with one or the other, depending on your needs and goals.

When stacking legal muscle building steroids, several benefits can be enjoyed. These include enhanced muscle development, increased strength, decreased liver stress and normalization of hormonal balance.

What are the various stacks of workout supplements?

Workout supplements categorized as pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout products. To achieve maximum results, supplements stacking accordingly. You need pre-workout products to have energy for your physical activity, while intra-workout will increase your capacity for exercise and the use of fat or energy. Post-workout products, on the other hand, will refuel your body after a workout. It also promotes muscle growth and recovery, especially after resistance training which breaks down muscles.

What are intra-workout products?

Most intra-workout products in powdered form that is mixed with water and taken any time within a workout session. Their main ingredient is branched-chain amino acids increase use of fat or energy and extends exercise capacity.

What is the best stack for beginners?

Beginners need to take it easy on stacking and must use the right products. A beginner’s stack would consist of 2 to 4 products geared towards the primary fitness goal. Choose the top legal steroids that will quickly add mass and strength, or burn fat. From there, beginners will have the capacity to move on to an intense program. It must also include whey protein, multi-vitamin/mineral and arginine.

What is the best stack for losing fat?

Different fat loss supplements have different effects and on different parts of the body. This is why a fat loss stack needs carefully planned. Some of the basic requirements, like stimulants that increase body heat or thermogenesis. While amino acids that enhance oxidation of fatty acids, products that free off fatty acids so it can be metabolized by the body. While supplementing promoting fat loss while sparing muscles and maintaining strength.

What is the best stack for gaining muscles?

Basic building muscle stack involves the use of weight gainers, pre-workout booster and arachidonic acid that may help in brain function, muscle growth and development, and metabolizing the food you eat.

Some of the best bulking stack for muscle mass gain are Testosterone, Dianadrol, Deca Durabolin and Anavar. Stack cycle dosage will depend on who is using muscle building stacks and for what purpose.

Recommended cycle doses?

  • Cycle Dose for Test E Dbol
    • Dbol 25 to 50mg every day + 0.5mg of arimidex per day for weeks 1 to 2.
    • Testosterone Enanthate 500mg per week + 0.5mg arimidex every other day for weeks 1 to 12.
  • Arimidex, added to help reduce bloating.
  • ​Cycle Dose for Dianadrol and Deca Durabolin
    • Deca Durabolin 600mg per week + Dianabol 50mgs per day for weeks 1 to 8.
    • Testosterone Enanthate 500mg per week for weeks 1 to 12.
    • Use 0.5mg of arimidex per day with each stack.

What is a steroid cycle?

Referering to a time frame when anabolic steroids used. Split into On-Cycle and Off-Cycle, when steroids used and not used, respectively. Most beginners start with first steroid cycles, before moving on the advanced cycles and stacks. How long a cycle lasts depends on several factors.  8 to 12 weeks considered the minimum, while 12 to 16 the maximum.

Any performance enhancing athlete knows that muscle stacking plays a crucial role in a total performance enhancing plan.

If you want to obtain the desired and, you need to create a stack that is perfect for your needs. A successful legal-steroids stacking plan involves a small combination of anabolic supplements that will enhance the overall effects.


Understanding steroid stacking

In order to develop a suitable steroid stack considering the following factors:

Goals to meet

Do you want to bulk or cut?  Want to enhance strength and athletic performance? Do you want to lose fat and gain muscles at the same time? Ideally you must take one goal at a time, unless it is possible to combine two positive outcomes, such as fat loss and muscle mass gain.

Use of safe steroid alternatives

Are you a novice or an experienced user of steroids? If you are new to muscle supplements, it is highly recommended that you keep it simple, so it will be easier to determine how your body responds to the bodybuilding supplements y. It is important to exercise caution at the beginning of use to minimize risks as much as possible. Give it a few months or so, then you can move on to the next level of muscle building stacks.

Here are the typical levels of bodybuilding stacks:

  • Novice Steroid Cycles II
  • Fat Burning Stacks
  • Intermediate Steroid Cycles III
  • Advanced Steroid Cycles
  • Athletic Beach Body
  • Cycle & Stack Additions
  • Intermediate Bulking Cycle
  • Novice Bulking
  • Testosterone Cycle



Are you male or female? Know that dosage vary from between genders, and women have more restrictions on the use of anabolic supplements and testosterone boosters than men. They must exercise extreme caution when doing so. Teenagers, regardless of gender, are also advised against using steroids as their bodies are still fragile and vulnerable to damage and side effects of steroid use. Healthy adult men, on the other hand, would have less problem with supplements use and stacking.

Overall Health

Steroids may have an adverse effect on people with pre-existing conditions. The use of Methandrostenolone for example, is not allowed for people with uncontrolled blood pressure or has osteoporosis. There is no steroid stacking available for those with high cholesterol as well. It is also important to have your heart, liver and kidney checked before using any bodybuilding supplements. Safe, legal-steroid alternatives can give these people an option.

Ideally, you should consult with a physician before using any bodybuilding supplements. This way, you are assured of a safe and effective use.

Once you considered all the factors and meet at least 3 of them, you can then develop a personal steroid stacking plan. The foundation of most bodybuilding stacks is a testosterone booster. This is why the focus of most bodybuilding supplement and products are healthy adult men. But because testosterone is one of the most versatile of all steroids in the body, it deliver many benefits.

Upon use of a any bodybuilding  stacks, (whether it be for bulking or cutting), it is important to note your tolerance level. If it causes any problems, then the stack is not successful at all. You would have to come up with something else.

Legal-steroid supplements are safe and natural, so as long as they are taken correctly,they are beneficial and will not produce any negative side effects.

Choosing The Right Stack For Your Body Type or your Sport Specific Needs

Each body is different, which means whatever muscle stack that worked for one person may not necessarily work with another. It is important to know your body type so you can choose the right muscle stack.


Are you lean the whole year around, even if you eat whatever you like? If the only part of your body that is gaining mass is your waistline, then you are a hard-gainer. You burn calories really quickly that your body cannot build quality mass, regardless of the amount of your calorie intake.

To build muscles and gain weight, your stack must include weight gainer, HMB and multivitamin/mineral.

  • Weight gainer is a high-calorie protein product that delivers anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories per serving.
  • HMB or beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine. Recommended dose for beginners is one gram taken 3 to 4 times per day experienced lifters on the other hand can take anywhere between 2 to 3 grams taken 3 to 4 times per day.
  • Multivitamin/mineral supplies the necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs at adequate amounts. There must be enough macronutrients and micronutrients to encourage muscle growth. A full spectrum multivitamin/mineral product with 100% of the daily required amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are highly recommended.


Are you struggling to find balance between your muscles and fats? If you gain one or the other when you overdo a specific activity, you are a preservationist. For example, if you overdo on the cardio, your musculature fades away.

To help you achieve balance, you need to stack whey protein, fish oil and geranamine.

  • Whey protein will help increase metabolic rate promoting fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.
  • Fish oil is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids which reduces risk of stroke and heart disease, while preventing muscle breakdown.
  • Geranamine is a trademark component of geranium oil. As a sympathomimetic amine, it has a similar effect as norepinephrine, which increases fat metabolism and speed up metabolic rate. The supplement version also suppresses appetite.


Strength seeker

Do you want to be able to lift a barber loaded with 45-pound plates? To gain the strength that you need to do so you need to stack creatine, green tomato extract and carnosine.

  • Creatine is essential for size and strength gain. It has been proven to increase strength by approximately 10% and increase lean mass by around 10 pounds.
  • Green tomato extract (GTE) is said to boost strength and provide three times the gains when doing exercises. In a study, men who used 6 mcg of GTE while doing bench press gained 1 inch on their arms, while those doing leg press gained 3x more.
  • Carnosine is a dipeptide that is known to boost endurance and strength. Muscles with higher levels of carnosine contracts longer and more forcefully.

There are plenty of other body types that call for different stacks. It is important to know your own type and stack requirements, so you don’t end up gaining what you don’t want, and losing what you want to retain. Based on the information above, you can then choose the right legal steroids with the right component.

The Benefits of Stacking Supplements
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