Internet WiFi Router Configuration / Default Dettings is a private IP address, which belongs to class A IP address. It is a default gateway address used by most of the routers. Rather than we also have other two commonly used IP address such as and Each one differs and can be used to setup you the network routers.

Some routers like Cisco brand and Infinity supplied by Comcast are commonly using IP address as default. The same address may be used by other private networks but by convention is normally assigned to a network gateway or other kind of network server.

How to set up your router using

By using ping utility, you can determine the device which actively using IP address. The router administrator can reach the console by pointing a web browser to Once you have pointed out, it asks you to fill the username and password of the admin panel. By default, all the routers are used to have a default username and password in it. You can easily get into the management panel after you entered the right information on that page. If you still are having troubles finding your password visit our list of default router passwords. is most commonly seen in business computer networks rather than home networks. They normally use addresses in the 192.168.x.x series instead. But both the 10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x comes under private IP address ranges. And you cannot connect to devices over the internet using

How can you Troubleshoot Issues with Using

While working with IP address, you may experience a lot of issues. I have listed out the issues that usually occur on this IP.

Incorrect device address assignment – Mistyping the address may result in tne device not being available on
Incorrect client address assignment – Clients connect to the gateway through SSID over Wi-Fi network. During the process, if a glitch occurs, then it may cause a client’s gateway settings to be corrupted or lost.
Gateway device unresponsive – Due to the technical failures, the device pointed to may stop working.

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